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Kamis, 21 September 2017

Where is my Signature?

My friend post this picture in our class group. And I can feel that memory. The old feeling’s we miss so much. They tried to find their signature on the cover of the book. Its like ... some sign of existence. How funny, the lesson are not our favorite. But still, it give some old memory back.

I can tell, that every person in our class have their own ‘class’ right now. We may have difference way of life. Its like difference way of thinking. But still, we can feel same feeling when we see that old book on picture.

Me? You can tell, there are some sign of smile on my face when I see that old book. I don’t remember mine, maybe its missing. I can’t even remember what inside the old book. Its not because I hate the lesson. Thats a long time ago. So, its natural if can’t really remember the book’s containt, am I right? I do remember my lecturer. His name is Mr Jamzuri. One of the best lecturer with so may experience in his field. Sometime, so funny Mr. Jamzuri make me forget, how hard the lesson. But, I can tell, I have no confidence with the result, hehehe

My friend, we can have different way of life in the future, of course. But still, please remind our old day in that class. Keep on your mind, that something valuable still have a place in your heart, in endless time. Thank for give back the old memory.

(pardon my poor grammar and typo. I want learn more, hehe)

2 komentar:

  1. Oooooh UNS tho? tak kirain dimana kuliahnya.

    Berarti kita beda kampus ya :D

    1. oooooops, jadi ketahuan deh

      ya jelas beda kampus lah, mungkin juga beda pulau :-P


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